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We import an assortment of temperature controlled, chilled and frozen products from our partners all around the world and we distribute to wholesale retailers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, patisseries and the food processing sector. Additionally, we identify global opportunities and scout the local markets for high-quality food products to fill existing gaps. We are constantly exploring new import and export markets and we continue to seek reputable local operators around the world to partner and collaborate with.


Our multi-lingual and cross-culturally trained team establishes longterm relationships with suppliers around the world and assumes exclusive representation and distribution of their products to our local markets. We build our relationships around trust, respect, and common courtesy.


We customize our products’ cuts and packaging in our own food processing plant or at third party producers that are closely supervised by our in-house expert staff to cater to various clients’ specifications and to consumer retailers’ specific needs.


We provide our international partners and food suppliers with local business and market intelligence services. Our teams’ four long decades of food industry experience has earned us an extensive network and established confidence and trust among our local and global partners.

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