Delight Your Customers with

Quality Ingredients at an Exceptional Value

Let us help you take your food business from good to great. 

We offer full turnkey solutions for food businesses driven by quality, value, and consistency.


We bring 40+ years of experience in the food industry in Egypt. Our industry network and know-how can be an invaluable asset to your business.

High Quality

We source directly from food producers whose passion for quality is aligned with ours, and we take charge of storing, preparing, and delivering our goods to your business.

Great Value

We built our entire model around optimizing our customers' costs while exceeding their quality expectations.

Consistent Service

We work with long term partners and control the majority of our product's life cycle to guarantee its consistency. We believe that's what differentiates good from great.

Unqiue Mix

Our combination and range of products, services, and facilities are unparalleled locally and they are designed to offer the best value possible for your business.

Pioneering Ideas

We help our partners, both food businesses and suppliers, with innovative solutions to overcome local shortages and the vulnerability of global supply chains.

Encompassing Portfolio

We offer food businesses a comprehensive portfolio to cover their menu variety and their wide range of requirements.

Knowledge Transfer

Whether you are old or new to Egypt's food industry, our partnership entails sharing industry trends and insights to co-develop ideas and make better decisions for your business.