About Us

We are a comprehensive foodservice provider that imports, manufactures, distributes, and exports high quality, consistently reliable ingredients at a great value

What we Do

We serve quality and consistency to food businesses of all sizes by sourcing great quality food products from reputable local and global food producers.


We import an assortment of temperature controlled, chilled and frozen products from our partners all around the world and we distribute to wholesale retailers, hypermarkets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, patisseries and the food processing sector.


We leverage our meat processing facility to offer customized portion-controlled solutions to the foodservice and retail sectors, and we work with trusted third-party facilities to offer further customizations to a much wider range of food products.


We build long-term relationships with local and global suppliers and assume representation and distribution of their products within local markets. While specializing in meats and bakery & pastry ingredients, we supply food businesses with quality ingredients to cover their entire menu’s approved product list, from essential grocery items to specialty and bespoke ingredients. 


We take great pride in sourcing from trusted local growers and producers and in bringing high quality, high value Egyptian food products to highly competitive regional and global food markets. We offer worldwide customers a full export service at a single point of contact. We capture business requirements, propose solutions, and handle all legal and logistical processes, making sure products maintain their quality until delivered to your warehouse.

Emkay Foods is a family owned and operated business with more than 40 years of experience running restaurants, retail, wholesale distribution, and foodservice supply businesses.

Our Values​

We believe relationships built on mutual trust and respect are key to a fruitful business partnership. Our work is driven by three main principles:


We understand how important it is for food business to offer consistent quality to their customers and we maintain the quality of our products and services under all circumstances.


We believe that good relationships are built on trust, and we attribute our extensive network and positive reputation to our commitment to integrity at all levels of our business.


Standing by our clients’ and partners’ side and acting in their best interest is a fundamental element of our fabric. 
We stay true to our word, and when we promise, we deliver.

Our all-around industry experience gives us a unique multi-stakeholder perspective, and along with our longstanding partnerships, puts us at the forefront of the Egyptian food service sector.

Our Approach

Our universal philosophy throughout the years stems from three main ideas


We pride ourselves on our ability to create markets for new products rather than following the trails of others.


Small changes and subtle adjustments can yield massive results, and we know that from practice. We have always taken it upon ourselves to present innovative products and ideas to the market by identifying trends and seizing opportunities.


Collaboration comes in many shapes and forms, but we know from experience that nurturing a collaborative culture within our company and amongst our clients and partners is a key ingredient to moving forward in an industry like ours.

Emkay Foods is a continuation of decades of hard work, long-term relationships, innovative solutions, and pioneering commercial achievements

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