Key Brand Partners

Meat Partners

Karan Beef

Karan Beef started out in 1974 with less than 100 cattle. Today they are host to 150,000 head of cattle, making them the largest feedlot in all of the African continent. They offer high-quality beef products and a wide range of cuts to match each client’s specific requirements. Our longstanding relationship with the company is a testament to their outstanding and reliable service and proof that quality, consistency, and trust can go a very long way.

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Miratorg is Russia’s largest producer and deliverer of meat and meat ready-to-use ingredients to the HoReCa segment.

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Brick Barn

Brick Barn is the one of the brands produced by the VanDrie Group. VanDrie is the leading Dutch producer of the world renowned specialty premium veal products. The group owns different production plants that all specialize in the same premium Dutch veal product.\

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Samex is one of Australia’s leading meat export trading companies. Samex is one of Emkay’s key trading partners. We work together to source specialty & unique products out of Australia to be marketed in Egypt.

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Hardwicks is an Australian family owned business that has been in the meat production business in Australia for over 40 years. Hardwicks specializes in Beef & Lamb production.

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John Dee

John Dee is “the oldest, single family, meat processer in Australia”. It has been owned & operated by the same family for over 75 years, all with an aim of producing some of Australia best quality beef products.

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Stanbroke is an Australian, family owned beef & cattle production company. Stanbroke specializes in the production of some of Australia’s best grassfed & grainfed beef products.

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Fletcher, an Australian family owned and run company, is one of Australia’s most integrated processors and producers sheep & lamb products.

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Bakery and Pastry Partners


Emkay foods is the exclusive importer and distributor of backaldrin products in Egypt. backaldrin is a major producer of high-quality ingredients for the bakery and pastry sectors based in Asten, Austria. Regarded as a market leader, backaldrin is represented in more than 100 countries, it has subsidiaries in 17 countries other than Austria, and it has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

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Smet has been a pioneer in the Belgian chocolate industry for more than five decades. The company focuses on producing some of Belgium’s leading chocolate brands, for distribution within Belgium and overseas. The chocolate brands that we proudly carry: Veliche –

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As one of the leading global players in the food industry at large, Cargill is also a leading player in the Cocoa & Chocolate industry. Emkay works with Cargil to distribute its Belgian chocolate products in the Egyptian market.

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Italy was experiencing its economic boom years when Antonio Galvagno decided to launch his very own entrepreneurial idea. He started producing spirits and liqueurs to supply bars in his home town of Palermo. It didn’t take long for the stroke luck to come along that all entrepreneurs dream or perhaps by chance, or perhaps by mistake, he made a discovery that became a tremendous success. The “Zuppa Inglese” flavor was born. Originally this was supposed to be an alcoholic drink that tasted like a dessert which was very popular at the time. However, it turned out not to be very suitable for a liqueur, but perfect for making gelato.

It immediate success soon spread outside of Sicily and the Zuppa Inglese was followed by another great invention: “Dariloi”, one of the first ever balanced bases for gelato. Elenka took off and opened a new industrial plant with modern machinery, enabling it to achieve large scale production. From that day on, new products began to replicate the success of their predecessors, such as “La Nocciola” hazelnut paste and “Pistacchio Oroverde”, which made Elenka famous throughout the world as an ambassador for Made in Italy quality.

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