Moomoo's Meat Range

Moomoo's is Egypt's widest range of high quality meats

We have assembled a range of high quality, high value products that span fresh, frozen, and preserved foods that primarily grow in the Mediterranean basin. Our aim is to offer local, regional, and global markets access to products of consistent qualities at an exceptional value. 

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A range of quality whole cuts from brisket and whole tenderloin to chuck and lamb leg. 

Cuts that cook well on the grill like lamb racks, burgers, kofta, and more. 

Meat essentials include meat cubes, breaded escalope, and more. 

The quick and easy range allows the main component of lunch or dinner to be ready in 15 minutes or less. 

High quality steak cuts including tenderloin, striploin, rump, and ribeye. 

A variety of liver items that include breaded liver, liver strips, and more. 

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